Swiss Style Now - PDP Creative Media Conference

After New York, Hong Kong and Beijing, touring exhibition Swiss Style Now had an opening on September 17th in Novi Sad, Serbia. On that occassion, Novi Sad’s train station became its own design pavillion introducing the work of contemporary Swiss designers to the audience.

Gavillet Rust

Swiss style is a well known model of graphic design, famous for its simplicity, minimalstic
tendencies and depersonalized approach. It was created in the 1950s as a result of a tendency for a clear visual language translatable to any culture in a heavy era of industrialization. Until today, Swiss style, often called International Style, remains a striking constant of visual expression.

Through over 300 pieces, showcasing posters, books, magazines, vinyl covers and flyers, the audience will be able to witness the remarkable work of Switzerland’s modern graphic designers and see unusual printing techniques and high quality materials, redefining Swiss style as it was once known. Notorious for its orderliness, this style is often followed by clichés of not being communicative and creative enough. Swiss Style Now strives to show it from a more emotional, energetic and inventive point of view.

Erich Brechbühl

Authors’ final goal is to show how much Swiss style has developed over the years and how willing are they, after half of a century, to redefine it with the help of the most valuable tool one visual artist can use – their own point of view – which was created as a final product of absorbing life experiences and external influences.

This exhibition honours the past as much as it presents contemporaneity, and the audience will have an exclusive chance to see current tendencies in the world of graphic design and to make an acquaintance with a style of designing which continues to set trends for visual arts. Swiss Style Now will perfect this year’s Kaleidoskop kulture (Caleidoscope of Culture? Cultural Caleidoscope?) and the 11th PDP conference which will be held from 10th till 13th of October in Cultural Centre Svilara.

Swiss Style Now was organized inn Novi Sad by PDP conference and Novi Sad 2021 European Capital of Culture foundation.

Opening: 17.9.2019. at 8:21 PM
Location: Novi Sad train station
Authors: Neo Neo Studio, Erich Brechbühl, Noël Leu i Alexander Tochilovsky
Duration: 17.9-15.10.

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