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The PDP Conference proudly invites visual artists to take part at the photography exhibition with a theme:
Absorption. You’re able to submit your work in two categories: a single, and a series of photographs.

Everything that happens to you is immediately linked to something that came before it. You always insert new experiences into your own personal matrix. You weigh, compare, and contrast things to your own expectations and assumptions.

We all experience things differently, which makes us unique and authentic. Everything you perceive, observe, hear, consume, everything you’re exposed to and everything you go through as an individual always affects your work.

Everything that comes from an outside source has an impact on your creative process. It causes your reaction and eventually becomes a part of your own personal narrative.

It is a conscious process, at once both active and inactive. It represents the starting point of creative thought, empathy, and understanding. By interacting with the outside world, we jumpstart many unconscious processes. We analyze and inspire ourselves — both directly and indirectly — and enter a state which eventually leads us to something new: our new selves, new skills and a better understanding of a particular topic.

Absorption, in this context, means being present and aware of the many processes you find yourself in — some of which you help create.

The competition is international, open for all interested artists and photographers, be they professionals
or amateurs. The organizing team is especially looking forward to the participation of young people and
students (BSc., MSc., PhD.).

Important dates
Deadline for submitting applications is 15th August 2019.

Technical requirements
Photographs are to be submitted in JPG format. Size of each separate file is limited to 5 MB.

Each author may submit a maximum of three single photographs and two photo series.

How to apply
Single photo
The photo needs to be submitted in JPG format.

Each author may submit a maximum of 3 single photos.

The file naming convention is as:
Your Name_Your Surname_SINGLE_No.jpg

For example, if you’re submitting 3 single photos, you’ll submit files named:


Photo series
A photo series should contain 4 to 8 photos in JPG format.

Each author may submit a maximum of 2 photo series, regardless if they’re submitting single photos as

The file naming convention for each photo is as:
Your Name_Your Surname_SERIES_Series No_Artwork No.pdf

For example, if you’re submitting 2 series with 4 photos in each, you’ll submit files named:



Send us your photos at The subject of the e-mail should be “Name
Surname PHOTOGRAPHY”, for example “John Smith PHOTOGRAPHY”.

All authors whose work will be presented at the exhibition will receive a certificate of participation. Top
three artworks will receive award, with the best work being awarded with a unique award of the PDP
Conference – the PDP Cube.

Final remarks
The content of the photos must not propagate racial, religious, national or any other form of

The organizers reserve the right to show the complete exhibition, as well as individual photos from the
exhibition, in other institutions in Novi Sad and other cities, as well as in other exhibition spaces outside of
Serbia. In that case, the authors will be notified about the new exhibition of their work.

The organizers reserve the right to use photos presented at the conference in the documentation related
to the PDP Conference, as well as in printed and online media, in promotional campaigns and
conferences (stating the author’s name is obligatory).

Send us all further inquiries to: