Graphic Artwork


Single/Series Photography


Everything that happens to you is immediately linked to something that came before it. You always insert new experiences into your own personal matrix. You weigh, compare, and contrast things to your own expectations and assumptions.

We all experience things differently, which makes us unique and authentic. Everything you perceive, observe, hear, consume, everything you’re exposed to and everything you go through as an individual always affects your work.

Everything that comes from an outside source has an impact on your creative process. It causes your reaction and eventually becomes a part of your own personal narrative.

It is a conscious process, at once both active and inactive. It represents the starting point of creative thought, empathy, and understanding. By interacting with the outside world, we jumpstart many unconscious processes. We analyze and inspire ourselves — both directly and indirectly — and enter a state which eventually leads us to something new: our new selves, new skills and a better understanding of a particular topic.

Absorption, in this context, means being present and aware of the many processes you find yourself in — some of which you help create.