Absorption - PDP Creative Media Conference
A little bit on this year’s topic


The topic of this year’s PDP Conference is “Absorption“. We want to highlight the fact that everything we perceive, observe, hear, consume, everything to which we are exposed influences not just our lives but our work as well. Everything that comes from the outside world has an impact on the way we create. These outside influences play an integral part in shaping our lives, and they affect our personal narratives. They force us to react. By interacting with the outside world, we jumpstart many unconscious processes. We analyze and inspire ourselves — both directly and indirectly — and enter a state which eventually leads us to something new: our new selves, new skills and a better understanding of a particular topic.

The topic of “Absorption” doesn’t impose any preconceived answer on how an individual should consume content. Instead, it offers a series of questions that will help us better understand the creative process, and how the things we perceive end up defining who we are.

This year’s participants will showcase both their work as well as all the many influences that affected their artistic journeys. We will also tackle the topic of content consumption and its effect on society as a whole.